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Spring 2023

Hearts Like Fists

Hearts Like Fists by Adam Szymkowicz is a super-hero noir filled with action, comedy, and romance. CUPS performed this piece March 31st - April 2nd 2023 in the Michaelson Theatre. 



Hearts Like Fists is a superhero noir comedy by Adam Szymkowicz. A broken-hearted villain is on the loose and its up to the crime fighters to put a stop to the killings. With the help of a doctor, they fight to protect lovers across the city.

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Superhero Spotlight Favorite Quotes

Some of our cast and crew had Superhero Spotlights, where they told our social media followers their favorite lines from the show. Below are some of the popular quotes!

"You were really good at trivial pursuit last night."

- Leah Shankman (Stage Manager)

"I just like to beat up men."

- Jess Pompei (Production Manager)

"Sit down." 

- Megan Engstrom (Props Master)

"We're going to be late for work."

- Ellie Hanson (Sally)

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