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Welcome to the Clark University Players Society, the oldest-living Clark University club, and one of the oldest-living theatre organizations of Worcester. CUPS is a space for performance artists, creators, and theatre-lovers of all shapes and sizes; whether you've come to Clark to devote your education to the stage, you've decided that behind the scenes is where you thrive best, or you only want to do what you can, when you can, our community is ready to work with you. We are committed to providing free theatre opportunities to actors, designers, and audiences alike, and the century-long history that has shaped us into the organization we are today reflects such a dedication.

Read more about who we are and what we do below, or click here to meet CUPS' current Executive Board.

To read our current Club Charter, please click here



The Clark University Players Society, better-known in the Clark and Main South community as CUPS, was first founded around the year 1908 by Clark University students. Not only does this date make CUPS the oldest student club and earliest example of organized student life on Clark's campus, but it also marks history as one of the oldest, if not the oldest, theatre production companies in the Worcester area, predating the Clark Theatre Department's 1965 inauguration, and beaten only by the Hanover Theater's 1904 opening.

Since our humble beginnings as a social and artistic space for Clark students, we have spent decades cultivating a formidable archive of performances and projects, often collaborating with ClarkArts, and forging meaningful relationships with the Main South community.


Over one hundred years later, CUPS is still the premier student-run performing arts group it was praised as in its early days. Each academic year, we produce a variety of plays, ranging from contemporary to student-written to classical drama, collaborate with both outside professionals and Clark alumni to facilitate workshops and directed readings, host an annual 24-Hour Play Festival, and through it all, provide countless opportunities for student involvement and audience satisfaction.

Click here for more information on our upcoming 2023-2024 season! 

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