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The Clark University Players Society Executive Board consists of seven positions; four of these are elected board positions voted into office by undergraduate students, and three are appointed board positions decided by newly-elected board members. These positions are called "Chairs," and they are integral members of our board. If you are interested in serving as a chair for next year, we invite you to fill out the application below to be considered for each of the three positions. Please submit your application no later than Wednesday, April 29th at 11:59 pm. For more information on the three positions, please read below.

PUBLICITY CHAIR: This position manages our social media feeds, including our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkTree, promoting our events in collaboration with the Events Chair, and will work directly with the E-Board as a producer.

EVENTS CHAIR: This position manages booking and tabling, helps to organize and plan events (such as Pizza with Playfest, or a Directed Reading), coordinates event needs like food, programs, etc., and may work directly with the E-Board as a producer. The Events Chair also works extensively with the Collegiate LINK resource on ClarkYou.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH CHAIR: This position manages communication with clubs, organizations, and coalitions on and off-campus that CUPS has been or will be working with regularly. The Community Outreach chair will work with the rest of E-Board to expand CUPS' network of collaboration in the Clark and Worcester communities, and will work directly with the E-Board as a producer.




As a student organization operating under Clark University's Student Leadership & Programming, CUPS must abide by certain expectations set forth by the university. Among those is an annual fair elections process, where members of CUPS democratically elect a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. To ensure we still meet the needs of the university and our constituents, the current Executive Board is organizing a digital election via closed Google forms and pre-recorded candidate speeches.

The period for candidacy registration for elections has officially ended and we are now moving on with our next phase of the elections process.. There will be a 24-hour voting period administered by a former CUPS Executive Board member on Tuesday, April 28th. Get to know the four candidates by reading their candidacy statements below!


If you are still interested in joining the Executive Board but did not register to run for an elected position, we invite you to apply to our three chair positions. These positions are appointed by the newly-elected board members and will be announced at the end of April.


Running for President


"Hi, all! My name is Brett Iarrobino and I’m running for a second term as President of the CUPS Executive Board. After many years working on the board as an adjunct, Treasurer, and Co-President, I’ve seen CUPS mount incredible onstage productions and expand our network of partnerships with on and off-campus organizations and departments. Under my leadership, we’ve seen the successful launches of new resources like our website, events such as Mini-Playfest and the recently-announced Drama Contest Readings, and ensured a smooth transition process for the remaining spring semester in light of campus’ closure. I’ve been producing for CUPS since I came to Clark, and I love this club and the wonderful opportunities it gives student artists every year. I ask for your vote in this election so that we may continue our incredible work in growing the oldest iteration of student life at Clark!"


Running for Vice President


"Hello! My name is Aisling Scott Lynch, and I’m running for a second term as your Vice President of CUPS.  I am currently a Junior at Clark double majoring in Screen Studies and Theater Arts with a minor in Creative Writing. I’ve acted in a play at Clark every semester since the fall of my first year when I started my CUPS journey acting in Playfest 2017. As a sophomore, I became CUPS Publicity Chair before running for Vice President, so I’ve been involved with E-Board for several years now. You should vote for me as CUPS Vice-President because I bring beauty, sunshine, and much-needed sarcasm to our wonderful E-Board (and let's face it, Brett Iarrobino would be lost without his right-hand woman). Vote for me to keep the drama in our drama club!"



Running for Secretary

"Hello everyone! My name is Dylan Parra and I'm running for re-election for CUPS Secretary! Over the past year, our E-Board has gotten a lot done and I think it is in the best interest of the whole club to keep that team together. Whether it was behind the scenes administrative stuff or front office theater stuff, I'm immensely proud of the work we've done and very glad to have been a part of it. In terms of my own qualifications, I now have two years of secretarial experience under my belt, and I'm looking for a third. In short, we've done great work, and I would really like to continue to be a part of this team!"


Running for Treasurer


"My name is Casey Bowers, I am a junior, and I am running for treasurer of Clark University Players Society. I have been a member of CUPS for the last three years, and a member of e-board for the last two as Events Chair and Treasurer. I believe that this previous experience gives me the necessary knowledge in order to thrive in the same position as I have already learned the role and its exact effect on our particular club. My positions have allowed to me fully immerse myself in the production of shows as well as get to know the many members of the club in different ways, giving me the wonderful opportunity to help to build a community at the same time as being immersed in. This feeling is a key part of what makes Clark so amazing and I would love the opportunity to continue the work in a position that I am confident in."

Looking for more information?
Check out our E-Board Elections Q&A:

When and how will members of CUPS be able to vote?

There will be a 24-hour voting period during Tuesday, April 28th. CUPS will email a list of undergraduate students who have previously participated in at least one CUPS production a link to a closed Google form where they may cast their vote for the four different elected board positions.

Who can see my vote?

Due to the fact that all current board members are running for reelection, CUPS President Toni Armstrong has agreed to be our elections monitor for this election cycle. She will proctor the form and tally the votes when the 24-hour voting period has ended. While we do ask for your email address when voting, please know that no one beyond our elections monitor will see or know how you voted.

Can seniors run for elected positions?

Our charter allows for anyone to run for an elected position so as long as they plan to maintain their status as an undergraduate student of Clark University for at least one full semester of the upcoming academic year, Unfortunately, as graduating students, seniors are not eligible to run for an Executive Board position. However, we encourage seniors to raise a voice in the election process and ensure that our company is being run by candidates they believe are the most capable and passionate leaders on-campus.

I submitted my candidacy registration, but my video isn't on the website.

In order to ensure a fair election process, we are not posting any declared candidates or their statements of candidacy until the registration period has closed on Tuesday, April 7th. This gives all candidates an equal two-week period of publicity prior to the voting period. Candidates who submit their registration successfully will be notified by email no more than 24 hours after doing so.

What about E-Board Chair positions, like Events and Publicity Chair?

The Events Chair, Publicity Chair, and our inaugural Community Outreach Chair are all appointed Executive Board positions that are decided by the newly-elected Executive Board following elections. These three positions are application-based, and we typically encourage first-year and sophomore students to apply for Chairs as introductory roles to the board. We will post application forms for these three positions (and more information on the Community Outreach Chair) following the conclusion of the registration period.

I am a Clark student who has participated in a CUPS production but did not hear anything from CUPS via email.

CUPS emailed all current undergraduates eligible to vote and/or run for elected board positions at the time of the registration period's opening. If you are a Clark student who has participated in a CUPS production but did not receive an email from us, please contact us immediately at and explain to us what production you have participated in previously.

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