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Whether you thrive centerstage in the spotlight, are an experienced backstage hand or techie, or you're ready to start dipping your toe into the theatre world for the first time, CUPS has countless opportunities for you to get involved and join our sprawing student community.


​Auditions for Macbeth, our fall 2020 mainstage production, will take place on Thursday, September 10th, from 5:00-10:00 pm, in the Little Center Michelson Theater.


Please sign up for a ten-minute audition slot below, or click here to open the signup in a new window. Audition materials will be made available on our website later this week.

First time doing auditions during a pandemic? Ours, too! Allow us to walk you through the process:

1. You’ll be called into the lobby by the E-Board member proctoring inside via cell phone.

2. When you come in, we’ll confirm that you’ve filled out the virtual audition form. We’re then going to take your photo, just to help with deliberation post-auditions.

3. You’re going to enter the Michelson Theater through the lobby when the proctor gives you the O.K.

4. When inside, you’re going to look for the white “X” on the floor. You’ll be standing there for the duration of your audition.

5. Show us what you got! Your audition itself will likely take somewhere between 4-6 minutes (though it always feels longer than it really is, of course).

6. When you’re finished with your audition, you’ll exit through the side-entrance of the Little Center, which is accessed through the stage-left/house-right alley (signs will be posted to help direct you, if necessary).

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