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At the end of the 2022-2023 academic year, De'Angelo Blair approached the EBoard at the time to suggest implementing a new position. During the following summer, our brand new EBoard worked with De'Angelo to develop his diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator position (now a permanent fixture as recognized by our updated charter.) 

We hope that the position can broaden to include a wider committee of interested individuals passionate about making CUPS more accessible and inclusive. If you are interested in collaborating or getting involved with the DEI committee, or have ideas for potential programming, feel free to reach out to us by email.

About the Position

This position is oriented towards developing ways to build an inclusive support system for CUPS members and set an example for other Clark organizations by holding the E-Board and club members accountable if there are instances that make others uncomfortable or unsafe.

We intend for the DEI coordinator and committee to promote the participation of individuals representing diverse individual identities. We also acknowledge the importance of active efforts to ensure that all participating members are offered the same benefits and the same educational (and fun!) experience, regardless of differences between identities. 

Learn more about De'Angelo and our whole E-Board here

If you have experienced an incident of bias as defined by the Clark University Student Code of Conduct found here, please consider filing a bias incident report using the form found here

If you observe bias incidents that become patterns among the CUPS community or impede your ability to participate in CUPS programming, please consider informing the EBoard ( by email, or De'Angelo personally. 

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